“A force of Nature”

“Saved businesses $1.4M by protecting the environment.”

“A Practical Visionary”  – San Francisco Foundation

“Ms. Primlani’s ability to draw ethnic business communities together with governmental agencies in the San Francisco Bay Area is second to none.” – Charles Bohlig, Food Service Technology Center

“Ms. Primlani can penetrate business sectors previously unavailable to us due to language and cultural barriers.” – Pamela J. Evans, Alameda County Green Business Program

“Because of Ms. Primlani’s efforts, restaurant owners are actually enthusiastic about recycling and composting!  Without that first critical contact, none of this (83% solid waste diversion) would happen.  – Tania Levy, City of Berkeley Solid Waste Program

“My restaurant will be saving upwards of $ 8,000/year in energy bills.  I give Ms. Primlani full access to my restaurant.” – Chintala Reddy, Owner, Kamal Palace, Berkeley

“Ms. Primlani’s documented environmental results are impressive and especially noteworthy because good measurement of program results is seldom done well, or done at all, in environmental assistance programs.  Ms. Primlani has done an excellent job of creating a highly transferable model and helping others employ it.” – Leif Magnuson, Pollution Prevention Coordinator, US EPA Region 9

“While many programs seek to encourage businesses to adopt more resource efficient operational practices, Ms. Primlani’s work stands head and shoulders above others for its ability to work side by side with businesses, private vendors, private agencies, non-profits and governmental staff in instituting behavioral changes in businesses at a daily operational level. One of the most valuable aspects of Ms. Primlani’s work is her method of rapidly transforming an industry sector in a given community to one which meets the highest environmental standards.” – Weldon Rucker, City Manager, City of Berkeley


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