How to Make Love to a Woman – Intro

I am going to write a series of articles on how to make love to a woman. This series is motivated by a horde of my female friends and their complaints about the men who approach them.

These articles are for men who want to learn how to make love to

What you’ll get from these articles: basic and advanced concepts on how to love women, and – feel free to write to me to ask me to address some specific topics. This is open to both men and women. This series will cover everything from ‘how do I know this woman is interested in me?’, ‘Can I make her fall in love with me?’ ‘How can I tell her I love her?’ ‘When is it okay to kiss her?’ ‘How do I sleep with her?’ ‘How do I know its love?’ and any other questions you care for me to add to this series.

So, answer this for me:

Where did you learn about sex?

If your answer is ‘porn’, then we need a re-education.

And if your answer is that above, chances are, you haven’t received a holistic education on women, either.

Do yourself a favor, don’t believe Bollywood. And certainly not Hollywood. In Hollywood, (and perhaps in your fantasies), women have a size 0 waist, and they hang onto every word you say with moist lips. Real women might have a size 16 waist (like you know what those sizes are!), have cracked lips, and listen to right about half what you say.

And allow me to divert your attention (like its possible! Right, guys?) away from the phallocentric world into the millions of ways you can make love to a woman.

Let me let you in to a secret: sex is not about your d!ck. Its everything before, and everything after. The ‘everything before’ will allow you to get close to a woman, and ‘everything after’, will allow you to keep her.

AND! I always say, a d!ck is wasted on men. Most of them don’t know how to use it.

So. This journey is going to be wonderful. And here’s where you write to me with specific questions; I’ll go over them one by one. And let me know what you want me to address first!



One thought on “How to Make Love to a Woman – Intro

  1. The very first question in the blog; and answer to it is perhaps the biggest reason behind the catastrophes that occur in a relationship. Nice write up.

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