The President has good taste

o I met the President. He’s actually an erudite, very sweet man.

People asked me, what will you do after you receive the award? I say, I’ll hold my hand out for a second award. They told me in advance I was going to get the award (you know, to make sure I was in town, prepare logistics etcetera) with the caveat that I not tell anyone. Do you know how HARD it was to keep THAT secret, the motherlode of all secrets, for all that time? I ended up cracking a little and telling people I had good news, and they’d ask eagerly, what good news (even some assumptions around children and pregnancy), I’d say, I can’t say. That earned me a few choice expletives.

SO, I say, I’ll hold out my hand for a second award, for NOT TELLING!!

The ceremony was imposing, which you can see here. Just scroll down, and you’ll see the video. Make you proud. It made me proud.

Oh, why did I get it? For being AWESOME, dude! For promoting the cause of women, through everything I do: standup comedy, business school professor, somatic practitioner, triathlete.

The Nari Shakti award is the highest and most prestigious award given to women by the President of India. And I am the first comedian EVER to receive it. EVER.

Thank you to Minister Maneka Gandhi and her office, the Ministry of Women and Child Development, for initiating and instituting this award.

And thank you, President Mukherjee. You have EXCELLENT taste.


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