Go Ahead, Mumbai

I just got back from Mumbai where I saw young women wearing short skirts or short shorts. The tops were boat-necks, and falling off shoulders. These women were during alluring dances, sitting on men’s laps. Their friends’ laps.

And across these various nights, the absence of a thought struck me: that of their safety. These women would consider it odd if someone brought about a question about their safety, their attire, or their company, inebriated as they were.BollywoodDance

A lot of women swear by Mumbai. They have told me once they live in Mumbai, they can’t stay in any other city in India.

Every time I travel from Delhi to Mumbai, I am struck by this barrier of defenses falling away.

So I say this to the city of Mumbai:

– If you can see a woman in a short skirt and find her beautiful, and appreciate her beauty, or not even notice her clothes,

– If you can have your women wear revealing clothes, drink, smoke, hang out with their male friends/ boyfriends/ husbands into the wee hours of the morning, and still feel safe, you must be doing something right.

Go ahead, Mumbai. Give yourself a pat on the back.


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