Be Well for Me

roseYes, we all know how busy you are. You are so busy, you don’t have time to feed yourself, drink water, exercise, or take care of your body when you are sick.

A few years ago, I went around asking my friends, ‘what does it mean to love yourself?’ For I had no idea. My dear love, Patrice Roland, gave me an answer that made sense to me. He said, ‘to treat yourself the way you’d treat your beloved.’ Its far easier cooking for the beloved than cooking for yourself. Its far easier taking care of the beloved, than taking care of yourself.

When was the last time you gave yourself water when you were thirsty? Or food when you were hungry? And then comes the crash. We don’t treat ourselves with the respect we deserve, the gentleness we need.

The average person has a dysfunctional or non-extant relationship with his or her body. The athlete respects her body. Triathletes, we worship our bodies.

Today, I know what a parent goes through when the child is ill. I know what the wife goes through when the husband develops a cough. When you are ill, I hurt. And I am asking you: if you can’t take care of yourself for you, take care of yourself to prevent me from getting hurt. Don’t treat the person I love so much with such callousness.

This beast can’t live if anything happens to his flower.

If you can’t be well for yourself, be well for my sake, my love.


2 thoughts on “Be Well for Me

  1. I saw your menu on this site. All my favourites – Rajma Chawal, Kadhai Chicken with Tandoori roti combo, South Indian Tiffin platter etc. are missing. How are you surviving. You should too, My Dear, Take care of yourself if not for your sake then my sake !

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