Blogs from Prison I: David and Goliath

DavidGoliathSomething is wrong with my memories. Receiving the State of California’s highest and most prestigious environmental and economic leadership award from Arnold Schwarzanegger himself. Receiving the highest US EPA’s environmental achievement award. Swimming with wild dolphins in the Pacific ocean. Dancing Russian ballet with the Bolshoi. Being incarcerated in Bangalore prison.

Is this my life?

When we were young and in school, my sister saw a girl surrounded by three senior girls. She jumped right in. “I don’t care what the issue is, she is one, you are three, and I will stay right here until the odds are fair.” They threatened her with all sorts of dire consequences, she said, go right ahead.

This time, there were many Goliaths against this David (me). My sister, Rashmi Primlani, jumped in again. She asked my lawyer, ‘Do you want me to take the next flight in?’ My lawyer said, ‘How can that help?’ My sister said, ‘Oh that’s right. You don’t know me.’

Blood runs thicker than bullshit.

When I was in police custody, 24 hr surveillance, one friend came and visited me in Ramanagaram police station. She stayed with me all through the day, and spent the night with me with no thought to her comfort or safety. We slept on the floor, with her by my side. That was the first night I did not have nightmares. In the morning, I was in tears as usual, facing the bleak prospect of custody, of having my liberty taken from me. I wouldn’t have eaten anything that day. She saw, and she made sure she fed me with her hands so I’d eat.

I know if there were a bullet coming my way she would put herself between it and me. Friends like you are made once in a million years, Dolly.

There are no words in this world that can express my love and gratitude toward you. I already looked in the dictionary.


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